The Designer Says

I’m not usually one for the “Quote”. You know, the deep, meaningful quote about some subject or another that somehow always carries a little too much weight with some individuals and they end up basing their entire life’s philosophy on one or maybe a few of them.

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Welsh Cycling

We recently had the pleasure of meeting with Welsh Cycling and successfully applying through a competitive tender process to become their new creative design agency.

Caffeine Creative Limited will become the National Governing Body’s dedicated agency to collaboratively help create engaging content and meaningful visual communications from branding, graphic design, social media assets and more to help Welsh Cycling bring their campaigns to life.

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Mini Did What?

I’m really not picking on Mini (see our other Mini based rant), but for this US version, what’s going on? The UK version has normal indicators set into the light cluster in a fairly normal manner. But with the US version, we’ll as they use the tail light as an indicator, things get a little weird…

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Colours: Yellow

Once upon a time a very straight-talking individual decided he wanted all the interiors of his budget airline planes to be very ‘on-brand’. Unfortunately, the side-effect of that decision was each plane interior had to be liberally plastered in a very in-you-face tone of yellow by a possibly-cringing-as-they-did-it graphic designer/interior designer.

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