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Our strategic approach to brand positioning and engaging design is one that fully includes and informs the client. This approach leads to real change and propels growth.

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The Approachable… um… Approach

Our whole approach to design is one that’s rooted in good strategy and careful understanding of your organisation’s position and that of your brand and it’s ‘personality’. This is true whatever size organisation we work with.

Further, to produce and deliver exceptional projects that ignite growth and customer/client engagement, we need to fully include and inform you, the client, along the journey.

We pride ourselves on offering the best advice and experience but at the same time we know our clients have a wealth of knowledge in their market and business. We are there to energise that knowledge as part of the project team, not to dominate the discussions.

We believe in proper collaboration and this translates into being passionate, but easy to work with; offering help and support where needed, trying to avoid unnecessary jargon, but also helping to demystify and educate along the way.


We tick a little different to most design agencies. Rather than starting with aesthetics or applying a style we might have in mind, we firmly believe and understand that each audience is different. Each needs a strategic, intelligent, initially function led approach, in order to inspire and engage the end user.

That’s the reason we started Caffeine Creative back in 2013. Our background in the creative and marketing world, and our implicit understanding of sales and human communications, means you get a powerful partner that can produce visual work that really talks to your client or customer.

This inevitably leads to better outcomes; better results for you though powerful visual connections.

Visual Communication

When you explain to a client that graphic design is in essence just visual communication, it helps strip away the mystique of the field—for the better. However, that doesn’t mean that it’s an easy thing to achieve, there are huge elements to consider at each step.

But through a careful and thoughtful approach, every piece we design is created to support your brand and communicate your chosen message clearly and quickly.

When it’s right, this drives your brand forward, it has the potential to unleash your organisations message, product, or service.

And this isn’t just the preserve of big budgets. Great visual communications and strong, inspiring design are open to most businesses or organisations.

Partners for Change

We’re not here to force you into a solution. While great design and brand positioning can, and often should, be disruptive to some degree, our aim to work with you and help you benefit from that exciting change.

We must understand your customers and your target audience, because only then can we hope to create truly effective visual communications that work for your business.

Finally, designers can sometimes be known for their egos! And while we believe a designer should be bold, disruptive, and passionate, we also know that we need to be approachable, understanding, and informative. We believe the team at Caffeine Creative are good people who also happen to create great design

We’d love to chat and discuss your project’s needs…


Creating strong relationships

“If everyone had the same level of pride in their work it would be a better world!”

Rhys David, Director, RTD Solutions

“Thank you for all the hard work you’ve done for us, getting this project finished. It’s been a pleasure working with you. You’re amazing!”

Michelle Gough, Barnardo’s Cymru

“Thanks Jeff! You’ve been a star! Thank you for your patience and we’ve been really impressed with the design.”

Emma Routley, Firing Line Museum, Cardiff Castle

“Charged with designing the Herb & Ellie’s branding—which we were delighted with—Great imaginative input and aftercare too.”

Jill Ronson, Director, Herb & Ellie’s

“I am so impressed with how you interpreted the concept in my mind to something tangible and aesthetically stunning… you have a real gift!”

Shelley Doyle, Owner & Director, Present PR

“We have implemented the branding across the practice, we’re incredibly pleased– it has elevated the product far beyond our expectation.”

David Chichester, Andrew Forbes

“I’m really happy with this! I think you’ve interpreted what we need extremely well. This is absolutely the direction I wanted.”

Sian James, Business in Focus

“I have very much enjoyed working with you. You made the task of re-branding very easy! Our logo is a real winner.”

Mike Walsh, City Hospice

“Thanks Caffeine Creative! You’ve all been stars! Thank you for your patience and we’ve been really impressed with the design.”

Emma Routley, Firing Line Museum, Cardiff Castle.

“Thank you for all the hard work you’ve done for us. It’s been a pleasure working with you. You’re amazing! And done so quickly.”

Michelle Gough, Barnardo’s Cymru

“The brand development and the new bespoke characters you’ve created are exceptional! We love it all.”

Rob Webber – Welsh Cycling
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