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Sometimes nothing works as well as something perfectly tailored for you and your organisation, that’s where bespoke illustrations come in…

An example of our bespoke illustrations

Bespoke Illustrations & Character Development

Yes, there are many great royalty free illustrations out there that may suit your needs perfectly. But perhaps you’d like a set of avatars for your senior staff, maybe a set of characters for a product that are completely bespoke to you, we can help…


We have developed a range of characters for Welsh Cycling that were very specifically designed to appeal to a younger demographic and build a more diverse community interest in the sport of competitive cycling.

In line with how we work we collaborated closely with the client, we took on board the vision they had, and tailored the results to what something that exceeded their initial vision.

Bespoke illustrations can engage different groups and soften the face of companies. They can also be great where Company Directors and team members hate to have their photo taken, but also want to portray a more fun image.

And of course, we did some for ourselves and they are dotted around this website…


When an off the shelf solution isn’t right and can’t be customised, we can offer fully bespoke illustrations solutions. From children’s book illustrations in a variety of styles, to business infographics that are more tailored than usual, we can help bring ideas to life.

Perhaps you are looking for magazine illustration work or something very special for a show or special event. Why not chat to see if we can help.

Caffeine Creative: Good people – Great design

We’d love to chat and discuss your project’s needs…


Creating strong relationships

“If everyone had the same level of pride in their work it would be a better world!”

Rhys David, Director, RTD Solutions

“Thank you for all the hard work you’ve done for us, getting this project finished. It’s been a pleasure working with you. You’re amazing!”

Michelle Gough, Barnardo’s Cymru

“Thanks Jeff! You’ve been a star! Thank you for your patience and we’ve been really impressed with the design.”

Emma Routley, Firing Line Museum, Cardiff Castle

“Charged with designing the Herb & Ellie’s branding—which we were delighted with—Great imaginative input and aftercare too.”

Jill Ronson, Director, Herb & Ellie’s

“I am so impressed with how you interpreted the concept in my mind to something tangible and aesthetically stunning… you have a real gift!”

Shelley Doyle, Owner & Director, Present PR

“We have implemented the branding across the practice, we’re incredibly pleased– it has elevated the product far beyond our expectation.”

David Chichester, Andrew Forbes

“I’m really happy with this! I think you’ve interpreted what we need extremely well. This is absolutely the direction I wanted.”

Sian James, Business in Focus

“I have very much enjoyed working with you. You made the task of re-branding very easy! Our logo is a real winner.”

Mike Walsh, City Hospice

“Thanks Caffeine Creative! You’ve all been stars! Thank you for your patience and we’ve been really impressed with the design.”

Emma Routley, Firing Line Museum, Cardiff Castle.

“Thank you for all the hard work you’ve done for us. It’s been a pleasure working with you. You’re amazing! And done so quickly.”

Michelle Gough, Barnardo’s Cymru

“The brand development and the new bespoke characters you’ve created are exceptional! We love it all.”

Rob Webber – Welsh Cycling
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Studio Founder

Jane Patreane

Project Manager

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Graphic Designer

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Graphic Designer/Illustrator