Our values are a reference point for all our activity. We hold ourselves to these eight core values day in day out.

Our Values

Your organisation’s values are a key element of your branding. In fact they are one of the three core elements (positioning, values, and personality) that transform an institution into an individual.

We believe that a great set of values are a fundamental core to our business, and the way we do business. Further, they inform how we communicate.

We create these important aspects for other organisations too. If you’re looking to drive your organisation forward with a solid strategic approach to market, then Values are a key element that shouldn’t be ignored.

Make a Difference 

We should consistently present our creative and intelligent approach to brand positioning and design with the goal of creating a tangible impact for our clients.

Be Strategy Driven

Guidance for design and implementation should stem from a comprehensive grasp of objectives and a well-defined plan, emphasising that design is not solely driven by aesthetics.

Craft With Passion

Our purpose is to truly impact our clients positively, and every task we undertake should acknowledge this, and be approached with enthusiasm and a commitment to delivering exceptional results.

Learn & Adapt

Creativity requires us to stay current, acknowledging the enduring foundations while being self-learners and embracing adaptability to incorporate new technologies and evolving perspectives.

Be Approachable

Our organisation rejects ego. Take pride in our work but prioritise making clients feel at ease and supported. Be helpful and communicate without unnecessary jargon.

Do What’s Right

Our intention is always to do the right thing, even if it comes at a cost to ourselves.

Communicate Well

As a brand developer and design agency for print and web, our primary role is to communicate thoughtfully, clearly, and imaginatively.

Say Thanks…

It is a straightforward manifestation of kindness and appreciation that should not be disregarded—an uncomplicated yet profoundly significant expression.

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Creating strong relationships

“If everyone had the same level of pride in their work it would be a better world!”

Rhys David, Director, RTD Solutions

“Thank you for all the hard work you’ve done for us, getting this project finished. It’s been a pleasure working with you. You’re amazing!”

Michelle Gough, Barnardo’s Cymru

“Thanks Jeff! You’ve been a star! Thank you for your patience and we’ve been really impressed with the design.”

Emma Routley, Firing Line Museum, Cardiff Castle

“Charged with designing the Herb & Ellie’s branding—which we were delighted with—Great imaginative input and aftercare too.”

Jill Ronson, Director, Herb & Ellie’s

“I am so impressed with how you interpreted the concept in my mind to something tangible and aesthetically stunning… you have a real gift!”

Shelley Doyle, Owner & Director, Present PR

“We have implemented the branding across the practice, we’re incredibly pleased– it has elevated the product far beyond our expectation.”

David Chichester, Andrew Forbes

“I’m really happy with this! I think you’ve interpreted what we need extremely well. This is absolutely the direction I wanted.”

Sian James, Business in Focus

“I have very much enjoyed working with you. You made the task of re-branding very easy! Our logo is a real winner.”

Mike Walsh, City Hospice

“Thanks Caffeine Creative! You’ve all been stars! Thank you for your patience and we’ve been really impressed with the design.”

Emma Routley, Firing Line Museum, Cardiff Castle.

“Thank you for all the hard work you’ve done for us. It’s been a pleasure working with you. You’re amazing! And done so quickly.”

Michelle Gough, Barnardo’s Cymru

“The brand development and the new bespoke characters you’ve created are exceptional! We love it all.”

Rob Webber – Welsh Cycling
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Meet the Team

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Studio Founder

Jane Patreane

Project Manager

Benjamin Crooke

Graphic Designer

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Graphic Designer/Illustrator