Fabulous Welsh Cream Teas

In between the showers that have been constant partners through August 2020 we did a very quick photoshoot of some fabulous Welsh cream teas for our great friends (and very first client) at Fabulous Welshcakes

To help with the eating out promotion during the Covid 19 pandemic, Cardiff have built the pretty great Castle Quarter Cafe in front of Cardiff Castle. Closing the main road in front of the castle and creating a really great, social outdoor space is aimed at helping local businesses capture a larger market at a difficult time. And I have to say it’s looking great, plus the front of the castle has never been so quiet without the traffic roar, and really an enjoyable space.

So, anyway, whilst we are design specialists for print, websites, illustrations and motion graphics, we also help with photography (amongst other things) and Fabulous Welshcakes needed a quick, cost effective shoot to have some images for their new posters.

So, trying desperately not to eat the fabulous welsh cream teas subject matter before the end of the shoot, we went with a picnic table background and a layout where we could overlay text.

I find taking our own shots ideal at times. While we can’t quite match the quality of a pro-photography outfit (though we are significantly cheaper) it does mean we take the image with the usage very clearly in mind.

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