Successful organisations understand the power of their brand’s personality and its careful positioning within the market. How is your brand positioning?


Working with your team or an individual within your organisation, we can help ensure your brand’s personality shines through in all its visual communications to establish itself in peoples’ minds.

This includes your brand’s values, its positioning, personality, and how it looks. Each step, from workshop to final implementation, carefully designed and delivered to connect with your customers and generate growth.

Brand Positioning

This is the starting point; understanding your goals, the people you’re targeting, but also discovering your brand’s personality. This feeds into powerful key messaging, perfect visuals, and unleashes your potential.

How? Simply put, carefully understanding your brand’s positioning, values, and personality transform an institution into an individual. And that helps you communicate better, and importantly, perform better.

Positioning Your Brand

With an in-depth look at your market and competitors, we can help discover where you best fit. Your unique offer is what sets you apart.

But, do your customers or clients see you the same way you do? Do they value the same things about your brand that you do? Our workshops will help you understand if these elements are aligned correctly. And once they are, the difference becomes a powerful push onwards for your organisation or business.

Out of clearer positioning comes clearer, more alinged communications, powerful and meaningful key messaging, and a strategy led approach to new business. All that means a real drive to unleash your true potential.

Brand Values

It’s important that values are truly meaningful, not just a few random words that get put on a poster and then forgotten about. The real value in having ‘values’ is they become a fantastic reference mark to hold your whole organisation accountable to.

From consistent tone of voice, recruitment in line with your values, key messages, decision making and much more, values are a foundation to building a brand that has real worth and works for you day in, day out.

Brand Personality

With positioning and values, only one thing is left to transform your brand from an institution into an individual, that’s brand personality.

This step really opens organisations’ eyes. Through our workshops we help you discover who your brand really is. The outcomes then help direct how the brand speaks, what it looks like, how it reacts, and how it’s perceived out in the marketplace. It’s fun but immensely powerful. Get it right and your brand begins to live!

Caffeine Creative

Are you missing the last ingredient? At Caffeine Creative we stimulate brands to be better. And better brands mean better marketing, and better marketing means better results. Why not chat to us today?

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Creating strong relationships

“If everyone had the same level of pride in their work it would be a better world!”

Rhys David, Director, RTD Solutions

“Thank you for all the hard work you’ve done for us, getting this project finished. It’s been a pleasure working with you. You’re amazing!”

Michelle Gough, Barnardo’s Cymru

“Thanks Jeff! You’ve been a star! Thank you for your patience and we’ve been really impressed with the design.”

Emma Routley, Firing Line Museum, Cardiff Castle

“Charged with designing the Herb & Ellie’s branding—which we were delighted with—Great imaginative input and aftercare too.”

Jill Ronson, Director, Herb & Ellie’s

“I am so impressed with how you interpreted the concept in my mind to something tangible and aesthetically stunning… you have a real gift!”

Shelley Doyle, Owner & Director, Present PR

“We have implemented the branding across the practice, we’re incredibly pleased– it has elevated the product far beyond our expectation.”

David Chichester, Andrew Forbes

“I’m really happy with this! I think you’ve interpreted what we need extremely well. This is absolutely the direction I wanted.”

Sian James, Business in Focus

“I have very much enjoyed working with you. You made the task of re-branding very easy! Our logo is a real winner.”

Mike Walsh, City Hospice

“Thanks Caffeine Creative! You’ve all been stars! Thank you for your patience and we’ve been really impressed with the design.”

Emma Routley, Firing Line Museum, Cardiff Castle.

“Thank you for all the hard work you’ve done for us. It’s been a pleasure working with you. You’re amazing! And done so quickly.”

Michelle Gough, Barnardo’s Cymru

“The brand development and the new bespoke characters you’ve created are exceptional! We love it all.”

Rob Webber – Welsh Cycling
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