Really? Why do designers think that I want to be seen in this? Why is it that as soon as some designers think about eco-friendly design all concepts of style seem to head rapidly for the closest exit—whilst trampling good taste underfoot?

Of course there are a specific set of issues that accompany creating a design for a very eco-friendly vehicle: construction, friction, weight, and the available tech to name just a few. But if we are really going to convince a large section of society to even consider giving up the combustion engine on any level, why do we think that, at the same time, they’ll give up driving something that at least doesn’t make us look like we gave up looking at cars beyond the age of four.

I mean, put it outside a supermarket, stick a coin slot on the side and it wouldn’t look out of place on top of a brightly coloured box with a motor in it that pitches it gently back and forth as vaguely disappointed kids sit in it looking at their mother wondering why they pestered her so much to go on the thing in the first place.

Come on designers of eco-tech, you can do better than this… I mean, look at this and compare. Which product are people going to dream about owning one day?

“trampling good taste underfoot?”

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