Social Media

So, you’ve decided to do it, or it’s been foisted upon you, or you feel you have to be involved with social media because everyone else is. Now what?

The following are just a few helpful pointers to get you moving in the right direction.

Social Media isn’t new, it’s just that it’s online now, more of a two way process and its reach is bigger. It’s another channel, but not a magic one.

Get Listening.

If businesses do absolutely nothing else in regard to social media, they must be listening to what is being said about them, their competitors, and the market they’re in. We all keep an eye on our competitors through traditional channels, and we know we must listen to our customers. Social Media is no different.

Be consistent.

It’s not always easy to be consistent, especially if we’re doing something as an add-on, rather than it being business-as-usual. Before a business commits to a social media plan, be fully aware of the time required to regularly create your content. Blogs need to be regular, postings on Facebook and other platforms must be placed regularly, and be of the same high quality you would expect from all the other collateral you produce.

Be Personal.

Businesses need to create relationships. Use real staff in social media and ensure your brand doesn’t look and feel faceless. It’s always a good policy to be serving and useful to your customers (new and old).

Find Your Influencers and Advocates.

Businesses need to identify their online influencers and brand advocates. It’s not necessarily a ready market for all businesses, but many businesses now seek to incorporate these individuals in their marketing strategy.


Influencers are typically described as Bloggers, Pundits, Celebrities and so forth. They are defined by the size of their audience and are traditionally thought to grow your audience. However, it’s also true to say they are sometimes not genuinely passionate about a specific product, are a shorter term proposition, and often need incentives. Think of them as online celebrities and you’re half-way there.


This group is generally more trusted and are often satisfied customers. They are defined by how likely they are to recommend a brand or product, they also often work as an extension of the company as they will help friends understand or use the product. Their loyalty is long-lasting, they’re genuinely passionate, and often do not need incentives.

It’s no surprise that the second group are beginning to be recognised as a more powerful set.

In other words, Social Media is nothing new, it’s more of the same practices every business should be doing: looking after their customers, giving them a great experience and a great product at the right price.

There’s lots more you can do and we’ll cover more of that in another article soon. In the meantime please feel free to contact us should you require any more help in this field and we’ll gladly have a chat (absolutely no obligation).


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