Elegant Ampersands - a beautiful wooden ampersand

Elegant Ampersands

I know designers who religiously collect examples of elegant ampersands. It’s not hard to see what fires them up, a simple ligature that creates one of the most beautiful examples of typesetting. Time and time again you will see almost endless variety of this character.

It shows the designer’s creativity and love of typography. It’s more graphic than type and brings a certain style to any sentence you care to place it in.

I found the above examples on this blog and thought they needed to be seen and shared. The links of the creators are beneath the last image on that blog.

The ampersand is created from the latin word “et” meaning “and”. It is a graphic combination of the letters “e” and “t”. If you want to know more you can check out the wiki page on elegant ampersands (it’s more interesting that you may think, honest…).

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