Case Study: Fabulous Welshcakes

The Company
Fabulous Welshcakes were our very first client. We created their branding and then everything since. They brought artisan quality Welshcakes to Cardiff in a big way with a traditional Welsh recipe and the highest quality ingredients. Fabulous Welshcakes have 2 shops (Cardiff Bay and opposite Cardiff Castle), but also produce wedding favours and corporate gifts amongst their many flavours and options. They have a real, tangible pride in their product.

The Task
Apart from creating the original brand ID, we have extended the brand over the years and built a large range of materials for them. Fabulous also asked us to produce a new website (with bespoke photography), packaging, advertising, posters, banners, interior graphics and much more. Of particular note was designing the facia of both shops.

The Challenge
The company was a start-up when we came on board. Therefore, in collaboration with the client we had free-range to explore ideas for this exciting new venture. Whilst the initial brief was “nothing too obviously Welsh” (in other words, no traditional dragons on the packaging) we slightly—nervously—came back with a modern interpretation of the daffodil. This gave it a Welsh flavour without being overtly ‘Welsh’ or too stuffy. The client loved it.

“I have been working with Caffeine Creative for years and I am always pleased to pass their details on when I get asked who designed my great logo/packaging/branding! Jeff and the team are extremely professional, work to deadline and have an amazing eye for detail. I think I was really lucky in finding designers who was able to transform my very fuzzy ideas/thoughts into a brand identity which was absolutely perfect (and affordable!).”

Jo Roberts – Fabulous Welshcakes 

A bag of Fabulous Welshcakes

After establishing the brand ID, we created a full colour palette to encompass flavour identification and three main colours to represent the brand with both tradition and modernity in mind, along with a set of company typefaces and campaign typefaces. We then had to ensure packaging met all legal standards, that inks used were obviously food standard, and that the packaging chosen fitted within a budget that made sense for each product price point.

Creating the frontage of the Cardiff Bay shop was a challenge due to its narrow shape, whereas the Castle Arcade shop allowed more scope for the branding and advertising the product in the windows. This is, in both locations, augmented by regular updates to the posters to advertise new flavours and offers.

The Outcome
We’re very proud of our long-term association with Fabulous Welshcakes, and our continuing involvement speaks volumes of the trust we have with the client. This has been a rewarding project from day one. The results have been a company that continues to grow and a product that has begun to carve out a real position in the heart of Cardiff’s consciousness. See more of the work on our Fabulous Welshcakes portolio page.

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