Case Study: Acuity Law

The Company
Acuity Law is a dynamic law company, with a modern organisational structure and an agile, fluid team-centric model. Not held back by tradition, they always look to improve their client service and grow their community of lawyers and other professionals.

Experts in their field, total quality at all levels of their business is their hallmark.

“The firm required a modern, powerful, forward thinking ID to match its profile.”

The Task
We were approached after the client experienced some frustration with other agencies (so no pressure then…) with regard to the main brand ID and associated imagery. The firm required a modern, powerful, forward thinking ID to match its profile.

They required something that really stood out as a bold mark, and clearly contrasted with the usual approach law firms so often take with their brand image. Further to this aspect, they would then require a re-designed website and other supporting materials.

Case Study Acuity Law Website Design

The Challenge
The firm gave us a good brief; they had a strong handle on what direction they wanted to push the branding. Therefore, it was a up to us to help them visualise that idea but further, to bring detail and character to the design.

As the firm did not want any symbols as part of the logo, we needed to find the right typeface to centre the design around. We’d needed to bring some elements to that typeface to make the logo distinctive without it becoming too over-the-top.

The same applied to the website. The client required a very cutdown site, again with a bold, clean, modern look.

The Outcome
We extended that ID out into a set of textures, and then the web design. At the design launch of over 80 people, comprising partners and other stakeholders, the response was amazing.

The design exceeded its brief and the client was incredibly pleased with their new corporate ID.

See more of our branding work on our branding portfolio page.

“I presented your work at our AGM this afternoon…and the audience applauded! The lawyers all seemed to love it, and I cannot thank you enough for working within the parameters of where we are as a business. R-E-S-P-E-C-T.”
Lynne Howells – Acuity Law


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