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So quite some time ago we put a blog item on here covering David McCancless’ book “Information is Beautiful“, check it out it’s a beautiful book. Now the same author brings us Beautiful News and again, it’s a stunner. But importantly shows how excellent graphic design can communicate better than images or words alone.

This new 256 page infographic design book, charting and visualising the amazing, beautiful, positive things *still* happening in the world. Stuff we unfortunately can’t always see because we’re fed and perhaps fixated on the negativity of the news.

The new book is a riot of colour, but the facts are stunningly represented off the back of rigorously researched data. We’re bombarded with information and data, there’s so much we need to fact check and understand. This book help us understand the data around us just a bit better. It’s a thought provoking, lovingly crafted book, one that you’ll love, or perfect as a gift to anyone who loves data or design, or is fascinated by the world around them.

And if you’re looking for something a bit more uplifting in a difficult world, a dose of good news, why not take a look…

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