man eating cake - Are you paying too much for your graphic design

Are You Paying Too Much for Graphic Design?

Let’s talk money and specifically the word value. Not always the most exciting topic, but as we’re all in business, it’s one that’s always pretty near the top of the ‘important-things-we-really-need-to-focus-on’ list.

Do you feel that maybe you’re paying too much for your graphic design, web development and marketing materials? Is that maybe because you’re using a big, fancy agency for your marketing materials? 

The question is, do you really need to use a big, fancy agency? Could you get better value elsewhere perhaps? And how do you find that sweet spot?

But before we go there, there’s a simple question, why do you use a big, fancy design agency? What led you to use one of the ‘big players’? Sometimes we like to be associated with perceived success or maybe we feel that by using that large super well-known agency, then some sort of magic will happen, some of that success maybe rubs off…

But more-often-than-not we find that where a client isn’t a big enough fish in the agency’s very big and expansive pond, two things happen. 1. You aren’t really loved and looked after, because your spend is too small, and 2. You end up paying big agency rates but getting a pretty standard service. We’re not saying the service isn’t good though, but just asking, are you really getting good value for your money.

Now, value doesn’t mean cheap though (and therefore inferior) but rather it’s proper definition of ‘a fair return or equivalence in goods, services, or money for something exchanged’. 

We think that’s where a truly professional, experienced small to medium size agency could really work better for you. And it must be worth thinking about. There are many great small/mid size agencies out there producing truly creative, excellent, effective visual communications for their clients. And importantly, really appreciating their client because they really mean a lot to them.

At Caffeine Creative we too make effective visual communication tools for our clients (Websites, Graphic Design, Illustration and more), drawing on many years of real-world experience, and doing that with the addition of proper customer service and care… all with that wonderful word: value

So, you shouldn’t lose out on anything really, maybe you could argue there are useful connections to be made via larger agencies, but in our experience that’s pretty rare. But overall, you’ll be getting the same or better great creative, effective work, but potentially at almost half the price with a smaller agency. Then, when we add in that great service, because you’re the right size for that agency, you become really important to them.

Remember, right sized fish, in the right sized pond! 

Oh, and the money you could save can go straight back on your bottom line. Or use it for more marketing ideas… Or, maybe use it to take your team out for that well deserved thank you lash up meal you keep promising but wonder where to get the budget from… 

If you’d like to find out if you’re the right sized fish for our pond, why not give us a call or drop us a line on our contact form. We’d love to chat.

Find your sweet spot with us – have your cake and eat it! …This line is just in here to justify using the funny image of a bearded man caught eating a cake! But seriously, are your paying too much for your graphic design?


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