Passion and Purpose

(deeply rooted in our work...)

Expressing our Obsession

We refer to it as passion, and while that’s true, it’s also a constant desire and a positive obsession with making sure the final piece is tailored to the needs of your business that’s deeply rooted in our work.

While it is true that without purpose anything that’s created is closer to art than design (and therefore rarely a useful piece of marketing collateral), it’s also true that it’s the passion for exciting forms and expressions that makes the piece really come alive.

Poet and author Maya Angelou noted that, “People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

So, while we deeply believe each project must serve its purpose from a functional point of view, you cannot ignore the human elements of any piece. We look to help businesses create those important feelings of loyalty, engagement, desire, happiness, satisfaction and even love throughout the various projects we produce.

Of course, that usually forms a part of a larger commitment to you customer, but we aim to re-inforce those feelings and create pieces that are engaging and also thoughtfully designed to make them easy to use and navigate. After all, the user journey through any design is so very important.

If you’d like to allow us to express our passion for design in your business, perhaps now is the time to chat?

Making it Work

To ignore the human side of design is always a mistake, but the key place to start is the underlying functionality of each piece, here is your foundation, the right tool for the job. Without purpose, what you create falls into the bracket of art—not in itself the most useful marketing tool for most companies or organisations. And while we love art, and it does form an element of what we do, without a purity and clarity of purpose your marketing collateral won’t work as it should.

If you get the function and purpose of a piece right, you get most of the way to where you need to be. The focus then falls on ensuring the piece is correctly targeted to your audience, ensuring the user feels engaged through careful layout and content hierarchy, and visually communicate your values to your client or user in a way that really means something to them.

Philip Stark created a very famous piece of design. His lemon squeezer (you know the one, the one that looks like a B-movie rocket) was designed with a purpose. That purpose wasn’t to actually be a great lemon squeezer, rather it was a statement piece for the brand Alessi to reinforce their ‘design led’ credentials. In that narrow definition, it worked very well. But as an actual lemon squeezer, it is a terrible product.

So, realising the core purpose of each piece of design is critical. If you meet that purpose (whatever it is), most pieces will already look pretty good.

If you’d like to allow us to help your business create purposefully designed websites and printed marketing work, perhaps now is the time to chat?



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