Human and Style

(no egos here!)

We’re People Too!

We think it’s probably fair to say, quite a lot of designers live in a special place. Delicate egos, very strong opinions, and a definite feeling of being right at all times.

Yes, we hate that too!

We work with our clients. We understand our clients are perfectly placed to understand their organisation’s needs, the clients, the product or service, and what’s worked historically. So, we enjoy being part of a team that works together to produce the final result that’s right for you.

Whilst we do believe in being a disruptive influence (after all how else do things change for the better), we also believe in treating our clients with respect.

We won’t fly off the handle, we won’t make you feel as if you don’t know some great secret only we’re able to understand, we won’t use words only understood by a precious few ‘in the know’. Rather, we’ll talk to you like a human being.

And that’s how we approach our design and visual communications too. We understand that your clients, customers or users, are people too. When we really engage on a human level, business can take care of itself.

If you’d like to talk to someone you can actually understand, and who treats you as a partner to better business, perhaps now is the time to get in touch?

Fickle Fashion

Staying up to date can be a little onerous for a business owner. It can be expensive and laborious.

By using a partner who understands current fashions and can identify future stylistic trends, you’ll make your marketing collateral resonate a little clearer.

From typography to colour usage, we find the design landscape constantly shifting. By staying open to new styles (without slavishly following a short-term fashion), by looking out for the trends developing, and drawing on the past and introducing originality, we can help your product or service feel relevant at all times.

Our obsession with design means we’re constantly feeding our minds on the latest looks, the latest design languages, the rich history of product and printed design, along with design beyond our field. We draw inspiration from books, art, architecture, fashion, film, cultures, shapes, forms, textures and more.

With us you have a partner who can be a part of helping your brand stay at the forefront of your business category. Sometimes, that may mean bucking the trend of course, but again, you need to know what the trend is to do that!

If you’d like to talk to someone you can actually understand, and who treats you as a partner to better business, perhaps now is the time to get in touch?



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