When discussion with friends turns to books, when I let people know that I (amongst other genres) enjoy sci-fi novels, I get a certain look. A look that says either ‘grow up’, or ‘start reading proper books’… or just, ‘he’s a graphic designer, what do you expect…’

If you’ve ever done it, can you remember the values your business settled on? Are they really a true part of your daily life in work, have they made their way into the culture of the firm?

I’m not usually one for the “Quote”. You know, the deep, meaningful quote about some subject or another that somehow always carries a little too much weight with some individuals and they end up basing their entire life’s philosophy on one or maybe a few of them.

Are we to depenendant on our devices? Are we just 'digital zombies' constantly glued to our phones? Regardless, I wanted to share with you some fascinating images by Antoine Geiger which I found, funnily enough, while engrossed on my phone.

It was a strange feeling to do the ride without the large group, but myself and two other riders met up to ride for the Gentleman's Ride charity (a worldwide effort supported by over 54,000 riders this year). We observed the regulations with regard to Covid 19 and managed to get the ride into Cardiff …