So there you are sitting in the Marketing or Communications/PR department and you need an image for your latest project. You’ll probably turn at some point to a stock photography site such as iStock or Corbis and assume they’re all licensed for you, and you more than likely understand most of the usual restrictions.

If you don’t know how to deal with coming face to face with an urban deer, maybe you need this book. Admittedly, it’s written for a more North American market, but it was the beautiful illustration work by Jeff Östberg really caught my eye and make this a lovely book to flip through.

One belief we’ve always held close to our heart at Caffeine is that design must not only look good, but primarily it must, no—let’s word that in a stronger term—it absolutely must have… purpose. Without purpose, design becomes art.

I’ve been fascinated by type ever since my childhood friend and I used to cycle our bikes into the art and technical drawing supplies shop (the name escapes me) in Charles Street, Cardiff, to buy sheets of Letraset. Get back home and furiously, but carefully, rub the sheets to create works of art (in our …