It’s a question prospective clients every so often ask us: Why use a graphic designer? What difference will a graphic design service make to my business? Well, in a few words; great design can transform the performance of your literature—online and offline.

By choosing to use an experienced designer you are choosing someone who can translate your thoughts, ideas, requirements, and goals into a finished product that should be even better than you imagined it being.

A good graphic designer can successfully guide you through what you can—and occasionally what you can’t—achieve from the print and web mediums.

Also, it’s worth considering that the designer is someone who lives and breaths the design process everyday. Using their experience, they understand what catches the user’s eye, they know the affects of colour, what’s easier to read, how design reflects your brand’s values, and they can clearly tailor the work to your specific target market.

Simply put, when you need a lawyer you hire a lawyer, when you need a architect you hire an architect (you could ‘give it a go yourself’ but we can all imagine the outcome). Graphic design really is no different. Choose the right designer and you‘ll get a finished website, catalogue, brochure, leaflet, branding and more that you can be truly proud of, and one that, more importantly, works effectively for your business or organisation, generating revenue.

Our approach to design is simple. We put the function of the piece first and foremost in mind. If we’re building, for instance, a graphic user interface (GUI) we ensure that the user can get to the information they require with the fewest number of clicks as possible, that the graphics and text are easy to understand, and that the page navigation is obvious and enjoyable. Only then do we begin to add the layers of styling and apply your branding to make the project look beautiful and be deeply engaging.

That approach to design make Caffeine Creative a powerful partner for your business. So why not call us to have a chat and see how quality design work can make a difference to your business—whatever it’s size.

There’s absolutely no obligation, we’re pretty friendly as well, so why not get in contact to see if we can work together?

We’re based just outside Cardiff near Wenvoe Castle Golf Course making us very easy to reach if you’d like to visit. There’s free parking and a hot coffee or tea always to hand—and sometimes even cake! Alternatively, we are always happy to come and visit you, just let us know.

You have interpreted the BikeConsole concept brilliantly.

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