Let’s get one thing out of the way first: we love design. It’s in our blood, our DNA and not just graphic design, all design. At the risk of boring the vast majority of people in the UK, let us explain…

It really doesn’t matter what design we’re talking about, the whole subject is very close to our hearts, and part of our everyday life in and out of the business.

Whether it’s looking into the latest interior design trends, architecture, operating systems, signage, fashion, materials or techniques, design forms a huge part of our lives. Of course, then there is graphic design.

From the moment man began to create visual signage and information, there have been graphic designers, and since the movable type printing press the history of the field has become ever richer and more fascinating.

We draw our inspiration and appreciation from a wide range of sources. It could be the geometric detail of a beautiful and classic font such as Helvetica (and it’s forebears such as Akzidenz Grotesk), or the artistry of film posters from luminaries like Saul Bass. The key is to input as much as you can, not just graphic design, but all forms of design around you, including the forms and fascinating colours that can be found in nature.

The lives we lead create the person we are. Our interest in other humans and the society we live in is expressed in our desire as a company to produce works that communicate, vividly, your important message to that society.

Our understanding is multiplied by the richness of the lives we lead. Experiences are the sustenance we require to develop the skills and insight needed to make a product that—simply put—works.

So, far from being stereotypical, introspective, shy, computer types, designers are outward looking, intrepid, sometime outlandish characters who focus those creative skills on a point on the page, a dot on the screen, all to ensure the user has the most enjoyable, trouble free experience.

That’s what stimulates us; candidly, and with no apology, the job, well done.

It~s been great working with you & learning about design.

Syed, Dunraven Finance


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