Cyclewiz 8-Page Brochure




This 8-page brochure was created from scratch in just one day for the client to take to an exhibition.

The client supplied the product shots and copy. We then set to work creating a brochure that was on-brand, contained the requested products, and divided into clear categories.

We had no previous brochure designs to call on as this was the first brochure the client had ever produced. Therefore to create the creative concept and execute the production in one day was quite a challenge.

In the very tight schedule we created a pleasing, effective tool that included little touches such as seasonal textures in the navigation footers, header images that supported the content, clear contact information and the in-depth product detail demanded by this market.

We have also created 100+ page catalogues, and 200+ page manuals and directories, so are happy creating large, in-depth publications.

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