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The client came to us with a brief to update their existing brand logo but not to take it too far from it’s established heritage. At the same time they required a new set of campaign visuals.

PresentPR set one brief, and that was they wanted to represent the brand with an elegant female figure. The problem was tying this in to the client’s market (public relations for historical events and places). We came up with the “date roller”. This simple item could be used in many ways. For this campaign we tied the dates to events that where noteworthy in the progression of feminism or outstanding events led by female figures. This tied both image and the client’s market together.

We chose a rich pink and use it carefully right from the figures bright lipstick, through the “date roller” and into the logo. We also created a complete set of brand elements—colours, typefaces, image styles etc—and completed the set with the subtle linear, spiral clock graphic and quirky “cut” in the panel.

The end result moved the client to say, “Thanks for all your work on this, I am so impressed with how you interpreted the concept in my mind to something tangible and aesthetically stunning… you have a real gift!”

If you have a set of brand tools that require updating, please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information. There’s no obligation at all and we look forward to discussing your project.

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